Speech Preparation

Together we will analyze your audience, define your objectives, clarify your message, and pin down your key points. On that foundation, we’ll build a persuasive speech with supporting data, stories, analogies, visual aids, emotional flow, and audience engagement. The final product can be a full script if you wish.  You will also find greater ease in both memorizing and increasing spontaneity by adopting Melinda’s proprietary Advocate’s Speech Map and talking point templates. The Speech Preparation process includes Melinda’s research, recorded interviews with you, and a tutorial in Melinda’s Seven Steps to Quick and Brilliant Speech Prep.

Performance Coaching

In my Silicon Valley studio or at your location, we will draw out your finest performance by rehearsing interactively with intermittent video feedback on the multiple skills of vocal and physical expression. As a result, you’ll magnify your credibility, build your confidence, and increase your effectiveness in speaking.

Phone Consultation and Coaching

We can accomplish a great deal of content generation and rehearse vocal delivery by phone. Often, just by listening, I can advise you on body language improvements, as well. We record these sessions using Audio Acrobat, so you are freed from taking notes, can hear yourself as your audience will hear you, and have a permanent reference for transcription.

Multiple-Speaker Showcase Event Support

The success of your fundraising event will be largely dependent on how well each speaker can move the audience with a clear message plus authentic expression of emotion, within a tight time frame. Lackluster speakers who go overtime, AV malfunctions, askers who seem to be subtly apologizing, and a host of other problems can sabotage a high-leverage one-hour event.

I work with you to

  • orchestrate the event’s logistics, messaging, and emotional flow,
  • craft the executive, testimonial, and “ask” speeches
  • conduct a full dress rehearsal with coaching
  • provide speaker support at the event.

As a result, your event will flow seamlessly to achieve your goals.