Take the leap: from Competent to Charismatic

Melinda Henning has a gift for drawing out a compelling performance
from nearly anyone.

You want impact. You must inspire, persuade, provoke, engage, and entertain.
Working with Melinda Henning, you can:

  • become absolutely clear on what to say, and explain with clarity,
    brevity, and memorability,
  • move minds and hearts with indelible imagery and compelling storytelling,
  • adapt  to a range of settings, time constraints, and audience needs,
  • connect with and deeply affect listeners, by design and with spontaneity,
  • perform at the top of your game, leveraging your authentic persona
    and passion in the spotlight.

Decades of experience, insight, and results – and over 12,000 coaching sessions completed – inform Melinda’s consulting and coaching specialty in high stakes presentations and speaking for social change.

Call Melinda now to schedule a complimentary 20 minute consultation
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You can make a difference, by speaking.